Advancing Oklahoma's Grassroots Technology Community


Techlahoma's Mission to
"Advance Oklahoma's Grassroots Technology Community"

The Techlahoma Foundation 501(c)3 is a volunteer-run nonprofit that empowers community members by equipping them with skills to enrich their lives. While achieving our mission to teach, educate, connect, and empower Oklahomans we are also fostering a diverse and inclusive community. 


Techlahoma Improves Access to Free In-Demand, High-Tech Education

Techlahoma is a professional network of more than 3,000 information technology workers, hobbyists, students, teachers, and future techies.

Techlahoma community volunteers have created over 31 free monthly events, 2 free conferences, and 2 national conferences that train Oklahomans on the latest skills needed to obtain employment and succeed in today's increasingly tech-focused workforce.

The Goals of Techlahoma

  1. Empower and Connect Oklahomans who want to engage in a diverse, inclusive and active tech community
  2. Prepare Members for a successful career by harnessing tech skills
  3. Retain OK's skilled workforce by making our state a world-class technology hub

Learn How You Can Get Involved



Join In and Attend Events

Techlahoma events are open to the public. You do not have to be a professional coder or techie to attend. Computers are not necessary at user groups or conferences, but are helpful during events like Free Code Camp, HackNight, and Code for Tulsa/OKC hands-on programming/mentoring events.


If an event sounds like fun to you, we invite you to join in. Attendees are asked to RSVP to our free events so we can provide enough seating and food.


If you are unable to physically attend a user group or hack-night, we hope you'll check out our free live-stream Twitch broadcasts. You can even ask the presenter/community professional questions in real-time online. (The COC rules apply to our moderated Twitch and Slack chats.) After the stream concludes, we share the presenter's slide decks and archive the recorded videos on Youtube to be viewed at any time. 


Why Techlahoma Teaches In-Demand Tech Skills for Free


Who Attends Techlahoma Events?

Our community events serve a range of people including students, high school/votech/university teachers, IT professionals, agile practitioners, tech managers, beginning coders, future techies, and software/hardware/techie enthusiasts.


Many of our attendees are interested in providing low-barriers of entry to train under-represented people in tech, creating professional networks of women in tech in Oklahoma, teaching underfunded students and rural students who do not have access to STEM education at school or computers/internet-connected devices at home, and providing training for adults making a career transition into tech who are otherwise unable to afford or attend higher education, vo-techs, or bootcamps.


Group discussion topics include often include getting your first developer job, how to enter the tech industry, website or app development and design, computer science, graphic design, UX and UI, data science/big data, machine learning, networking systems, microcontrollers/home automation, information security, defending against hacking, civic coding, and much more.


Techlahoma's Professional Accolades and Memberships