Advancing Oklahoma's Grassroots Technology Community



Techlahoma's mission is to Advance Oklahoma's Grassroots Technology Community

Our non-profit aims to 1) empower Oklahoman technologists who want to foster and engage in a diverse, inclusive and active tech community, 2) prepare people for a successful career in the tech industry, and 3) retain OK's skilled workforce by making our state a world-class technology hub. Techlahoma is a professional tech network of information technology professionals, hobbyists, tech explorers, and students.


Making a Difference

The Techlahoma Foundation empowers everyday tech workers like programmers, designers, DBA's,  and others because Techlahoma was made for the benefit of the tech community by the tech community. We are a 100% volunteer-run 501(c)3 founded and run by software engineers and tech industry professionals.

We achieve our mission to advance Oklahomans by organizing and sponsoring many free events and conferences. We educate professionals, students, and hobbyists on a range of subjects like: software development, databases, mobile apps, information security, and programming best practices. We write and release open source software which provides skilled training for in-demand jobs and helps our members become workforce ready. Through online meeting spaces we create a network of skilled professionals welcoming to all beginners or seniors alike.In partnership with StarSpace46 and 36 Degrees North we provide meeting spaces to train IT and STEM professionals in Oklahoma, which has encouraged out-of-state companies to re-evaluate Oklahoma as a tech-industry leader. Our weekly events combat the loss of skilled technologists by actively retaining talented tech workers that contribute to Oklahoma's economy and tech community. 

With every event we are investing in the tech leaders and future of Oklahoma.


Photos from our Community Events


Community Stewardship

Our community serves students, professionals, and software, hardware, and tech enthusiasts alike who are interested in the information technology sector.


Techlahoma Outreach

We have 4 main methods of outreach, stewardship, and community development.

  1. User Groups - We help Oklahomans become workforce ready by creating free training each week through hour-long lectures on job skills.
  2. Conferences - Techlahoma creates and sponsors conferences on in-demand STEM skills. We offer many scholarships and record and release the conference videos online to empower the community.
  3. Spaces - We create physical and virtual spaces to encourage stewardship and networking. Techlahoma has a homebase at StarSpace46 in OKC and 36 Degrees North in Tulsa. Our online community boasts more than 500 members.
  4. Software - Techlahomas write and release Open Source Software - which is free for everyone to use. We make an impact by coding for the betterment others.

 User groups

Oklahoma is a vibrant place to meet fellow technologists. There are free educational events every week, like OKC.js, Tulsa Web Devs, OKC JUG, OKC Python, Nerdy Girls Code Club and more! It's never too late to learn how to code.



Techlahoma wants to provide spaces, both virtual and physical for folks to interact. You can join us now on slack. Coming soon in Oklahoma City, we are partnering with Starspace46 to provide coworking and event space.


Techlahoma wants to help Oklahoman's engage the greater technology community by hosting and supporting major events. We currently sponsor Thunder Plains, 200 OK, B-Sides OK, Tulsa RailsBridge and SQL Saturday.



Oklahomans love open source software, and helping their community. There are a number of projects completed and currently underway in both Oklahoma City (Code for OKC) and Tulsa (Code for Tulsa).



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