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The heart of Techlahoma is our free monthly meetings where as many as a hundred or as few as a handful of passionate technologist teach, learn, and network. Below is our list of official Techlahoma events.



apply a usergroup for techlahoma sponsorship

The Annual Usergroup Application Process Is Happening!

This is an annual form used by Techlahoma to sponsor and support technology usergroups across the state of Oklahoma. Every year we review these applications to determine who we can sponsor the next year. Your responses on this form will help us determine which groups have the greatest need for sponsorship and will help us maximize our efforts within our annual budget and means to effectively support as many groups as we can.

Because both our budget and the groups themselves change every year, it is expected that every group, regardless of previous status re-apply every year.

  • This is due before December 15, 2018.

  • New groups will be voted on January 15, 2019.





Sponsored User Groups

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