Subscribe to our livestream channel

We've started streaming many of our usergroup meetings directly to the streaming service You can help support the livestream by subscribing to our channel. Subscribing to the channel gives you a few basic perks while watching the livestream, but also gives us a couple bucks from Amazon each month. You can subscribe for as little at $4.99 OR free if you have an Amazon Prime account:

Subscribe for free, using prime

Anyone with Amazon Prime is given a single free subscription on Twitch. This acts just like a paid subscription that generates Revenue for Techlahoma's Twitch Channel, but doesn't cost anything extra. The only catch is that you'll need to re-subscribe each month.

Benefits of becoming a subscriber

By subscribing to our Twitch channel you're showing your support for the usergroups you watch, Techlahoma's Mission, and all the effort our Stream Team puts forth to make it happen. You'll also get these sweet perks:

  • Ad free broadcasts
  • Access to our exclusive Twitch emotes
  • No delay in chat
  • Recognition for your subscription in chat (in video coming soon) 
  • Tingly feel-goods