5 Ways to Support Techlahoma

If you like our mission of making tech training accessible to all Oklahomans check out these ways to give back and support Techlahoma. 

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Amazon Smile

Use our charity link when shopping on Amazon.com.


Subscribe to Twitch

Amazon Prime subscribers (and Twitch users) can support us by subscribing to our Twitch channel

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Get members-only gifts like mugs, t-shirts, stickers, and hoodies.

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Donate monthly

Give $8, $16, $32 or more each month. Or just give what you can with a one-time-only donation.

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Free Ways to Support

1) Speak or Volunteer for Groups, Events, and Conferences. 2) Retweet and share our social media posts. 3) Join our Slack Channel or Meetup.com Groups. 4) Play our Twitch.tv or Youtube videos. 5) Make issues or pull requests for our github repos.

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