Why Techlahoma Matters


Techlahoma Volunteers make a difference every single day. Here's how.

We're building a community our members can all be proud of by mentoring new leaders, recording events and posting them online, and sharing meeting space+gear and teaching specialized skillsets and sharing our experiences for free. We organize and sponsor 33 free monthly events, monthly hackathons, and annual conferences that train Oklahomans on a wide range of in-demand technical skills.

Many of us wished for an active tech scene much like Austin, Colorado, or Silicon Valley had - so it motivated us to make Oklahoma a place where technologists could prosper. Techlahoma organizers and volunteers strive to build and nurture an active community that engages members professionally while encouraging them to grow as community stewards. There's always an event to attend, an opportunity to present and teach others, and make new friends.


"A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats"

Techlahoma is composed solely of regular folks who volunteer to teach others for free because they want to create an inclusive, friendly, and skilled tech community.

"A rising tide lifts all boats" is one quote that resonates with us. When one person volunteers to train one-hundred people on a new subject, everyone in the community benefits. Instead of learning in information-silhous, we're able to disseminate knowledge much faster by sharing resources and discussing tech together. Learning with friends helps us broaden our views, gain new understanding, and become better at our crafts. 


Building a Diverse Community through Free Education

Our online videos allow people to learn at their own pace, like our community members who are stay at home parents, students, working adults, and people with learning disabilities and more. The online community chat system allows folks to ask questions in real-time even if they are unable to physically attend the event. We have several free monthly evening and weekend events that offer mentorship and hands-on learning with skilled professionals.

More accessible events and content mean we have a better chance to reach diverse learners from different backgrounds and paths of life. The more diverse our tech community is, the better. New backgrounds, experiences, and ideas can contribute to creating better teams, products, businesses, and building even more awesome communities.


Learn an Array of Tech Skills Alongside New Friends

Techlahoma's free tech training includes many topics such as software development, database administration, data science, big data, mobile app development, game design and programming, desktop app coding, information security, design, UX and UI, intro coding classes for women and students, website development and design, hardware (Raspberry Pi, Arduinos, etc), books clubs and programming best practices. When you attend events or join the conversation online in Slack not only are you networking with other professionals - you're also likely to make new friends.


We hope you'll join us.

-Techlahoma Volunteers