Incident Report Form

It's extremely important to us that our members feel safe and respected at our events. If you have an issue with someone's behaviour at a Techlahoma Foundation event, please let us know via this form or one of the other methods provided so we can take action immediately. 

The Conduct Committee (listed below) receives all issue reports filed through this form immediately via email and Slack notification. If you prefer to reach out to someone directly, you may contact the current chair of the Conduct Committee (Ava Lynn - or the current sitting president (Jeff Lowe - For general inquiries, please use the contact form or message us directly via #ask-a-mod on Slack. Do not use this form to report threats of physical violence, call law enforcement immediately if you feel physically unsafe.

Code of Conduct

The following information is extremely helpful when reviewing your report:

  • Identifying information about the party being filed against

  • The behavior that was in violation

  • The time and date of the incident

  • The circumstances surrounding the incident

  • Other people involved in the incident

Name *

Meet the Conduct Committee

These are the 7 people who will review your report. Please use one of the email addresses listed above if you are uncomfortable with any of these people handling your issue ticket.

For legal reasons, the acting president of the Techlahoma Foundation also has access to all submitted Incident Reports.