Techlahoma Alcohol Policy

Professionals, hobbyists, and volunteers make up the Techlahoma Foundation and its affiliates, as we come together to advance Oklahoma's grassroots technology community. We are deeply committed to fostering inclusive environments and events that are educational, engaging, and entertaining.

Alcohol consumption, and its place in our industry, is a very polarizing topic which can bring with it a wealth of different ideas and concerns. In a concerted effort to ensure the safety of our members by mitigating opportunities for over-indulgence, protect the reputation of Techlahoma as a leader in our region, and oversee operation well within state/federal regulations,  we have created an alcohol policy that will serve as a source of solidarity for all Techlahoma Foundation affiliates and partners.

  1. Involvement and Criteria

    1. Any User Group (UG) reserves the right and privilege to choose not to include or promote alcohol at their respective events, further designating them as “Dry”.

    2. Alcohol shall not be offered at daytime events during the traditional workweek.

    3. Alcohol shall not be offered at events in which guests under 18 years old have been invited to attend via advertisements or promotions.

    4. Alcohol shall not be offered at “Classroom” events, or sessions in which the purpose for attendees is to learn in a more traditional setting.

  2. Provision and Distribution

    1. Any events (or “meetups”) involving alcohol shall be expected to hire or maintain a dedicated and licensed bartender to distribute all drinks.

    2. All alcoholic beverages must be purchased legally by either the venue or the bartending company  providing the services.

    3. Any sponsors seeking to donate alcoholic beverages must first be authorized by all affiliated parties to reduce liability and control distribution.

    4. To ensure the integrity and safety of attendees, no outside alcoholic beverages will be allowed at any Techlahoma event.

    5. Bartender on duty shall be contracted and expected to check the identification of anyone ordering an alcoholic beverage, unless identification was properly verified and tracked at the entrance to the venue.

    6. Only Beer and Wine will be made available at Techlahoma events, no liquors.

    7. A maximum of 2 complimentary alcoholic drinks can be offered to an individual at any event not specified as “After Hours” as detailed in Article VI, Section a.

  3. Advertising, Promotional Materials, and Announcements

    1. Any advance promotion of an event must specifically state if it will have alcoholic beverages available, so that attendees are able to know before they commit to attend.

    2. All promotional Materials for a limited or non-dry event that is offering alcoholic beverages, and is open to all ages, must specify that any children under the age of 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian as well as ensure the bartender is displaying proper signage to designate that no one under the age of 21 is allowed near the bar.

  4. Risk Management

    1. The tenets of the Techlahoma Code of Conduct (CoC) shall be maintained at all times.

    2. Valid insurance and defined policies for alcohol consumption on premises must be presented by any event space leading up to any actual event.

    3. At this time, only the locations of 36°N in Tulsa and StarSpace46 in Oklahoma City have been designated by Techlahoma as spaces in which alcohol may be served.

    4. Cash bars are not allowed at any official events, unless specifically approved by the Techlahoma board ahead of time (such as permission for banquets or galas).

    5. “Happy Hour” style, or otherwise offering open access to drinks can only occur if attendance is cut off 24 hours before the event, a mandatory 21+ policy is in effect, and identifications are checked prior to entry. Specific permission by the Techlahoma Board must be obtained before the date of the event. Any event that is not adhering to the 2 drink maximum must be promoted as such.

  5. Budgeting

    1. Funds used to procure alcohol or pay for bartending services must come solely from the earmarked criteria of the Techlahoma budget set aside from donations that specifically authorized the purchase of adult beverages*.

    2. Any sponsor-donated alcoholic beverages must be properly sealed and labeled in accordance with state and local laws (i.e. No “Homebrews” or Personal Mixtures) unless authorized by Techlahoma Board.

    3. Ticketed Events in which promotions have been noted as “including alcohol” may utilize the funds from direct sales to subsidize or fund alcoholic beverages/services for that particular event, in direct accordance with the Alcohol Policy.

    4. Sponsored events in which the donor has specified that their funds can be used to provide alcoholic beverages are able to utilize those funds, as needed, for purpose of providing drinks for the event, in accordance with the Alcohol Policy.

  6. After-Hours Events

    1. Events taking place directly after a Techlahoma-Affiliated Event or Convention, comprised of attendees (aka After-Hours Events, Mixers, Socials, etc., even those held at a separate location), are subject to the rules and expectations detailed in the CoC (i.e. attendees regarding themselves in a professional and collaborative manner at all times).

    2. At outside venues, Techlahoma members are encouraged to be vigilant and watchful for other members and professionally assist them in avoiding any possible dangers.

  7. UGL/Volunteer Expectations

    1. User Group Leaders (UGL) reserve the right to limit or refuse any attendee the opportunity to procure alcoholic beverages, solely at their discretion.

    2. Volunteers are asked to notify a UGL immediately if an infraction is perceived, so that an official member of Techlahoma leadership can decide the proper path to take.

    3. UGL/Volunteers are required to refrain from imbibing alcoholic beverages during official events in which they are leading, unless a specific responsible party is identified ahead of time.

    4. UGL/Volunteers reserve the right to note personally observed violations as grounds to refuse anyone alcohol at any Techlahoma event.

    5. UGL/Volunteers are encouraged to remain vigilant for any situations in which someone may be being harassed or made to feel uncomfortable, with full permission to attempt to professionally diffuse the situation to ensure the safety and comfort of all attendees.

    6. UGL/Volunteers are empowered to ask anyone that has brought in foreign substances to leave immediately by being in breach of this policy.

    7. UGL/Volunteers are empowered to alert the the police and any additional  authorities if need arises, solely within their discretion of severity or concern.    

  8. Terms for Partners, Sponsors, and Event Spaces

    1. Spaces looking to host Techlahoma-Affiliated Events that involve the distribution of alcoholic beverages are expected to provide proof of business license, insurance, as well as any required paperwork needed to then be designated as an Official Partner before the date of an intended event.

    2. Members and Sponsors are not permitted to co-opt or change the purpose of any advertised Techlahoma-Affiliated event without the expressed permission of the Techlahoma Board ahead of time. Doing so may result in the immediate termination of involvement with all future events and/or meetups.

    3. Spaces and Partners are expected to designate the location for the particular event, if they do not provide on-site staff, and to lock any areas in which they do not wish to provide open access during a meet-up.   

  9. Grounds for Immediate Dismissal

    1. Any evidence or observation of an individual placing any kind of illicit foreign substance into the food or drink of their own or someone else (also known as “spiking” or placing a “roofie”), will result in the proper authorities being notified and their immediate dismissal from Techlahoma and a lifetime ban on all future affiliated gatherings.

    2. Any perceived form of aggressive or disorderly behavior toward any attendee or organizer will be met with immediate reprimand in line with the severity of the situation, up to and including a lifetime revocation of membership and the proper authorities being contacted.

    3. Strict adherence to the Techlahoma CoC and State/Local laws must be maintained at all times, failure to do this could result in revocation of membership or any official standing within the organization.

    4. Providing alcohol to anyone under the age of 21 will result in immediate notification of the proper authorities and immediate revocation of all affiliation with Techlahoma and its affiliates.  

    5. Any User Groups that willingly violate the terms or conditions of this policy, or the CoC, are subject to having their status or their Alcohol Privileges revoked until further notice.  

The Techlahoma Alcohol policy should be used as a base for all alcohol-related activity within the organization to assure the safety and security of the organization, but most importantly its members. It is always an attendee’s responsibility to self-regulate their alcohol consumption and maintain safe behavior, but this policy shall serve as a base level of expectation from the Techlahoma Foundation and its Affiliates for any events involving alcohol.

Techlahoma is committed to offering an inclusive environment for professionals and students to meet and collaborate while understanding that for many people there is often alcohol involved in many casual settings. It is with this mentality that this policy was crafted, but it is also paramount that we possess the due diligence to create a protected and responsible environment.

We appreciate your adherence to this policy, and encourage anyone with questions to please direct them to the board in writing.  

*Moving forward, all donation applications shall include a specification for donors to opt-in or out to allowing their funds to be used to procure alcohol, so that any individual or institution that otherwise abstains from its use can choose better how their particular funds are spent.   

Note: The Techlahoma Board reserves the right to override any aforementioned rules at their discretion and reserve the right to call for an amendment to this document.