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2016 Revenue

Programs includes Thunder Plains and 200 OK ticket sales and sponsorships, and User Group Sponsorships

Donations - $36,577.20

Programs - $58,014.23

Where does techlahoma's money come from?

Thunder Plains and 200OK, both national conferences, raise money for Techlahoma through ticket sales (program service fees) and sponsorships (other revenues). Additionally, Techlahoma sponsors 16 user groups. One group has an annual sponsor and 3 groups have one-time sponsors. User group program revenue helps pay for the program's expenses. 

But donations, from everyday Oklahomans, make up a huge percentage of our revenue. Your charitable gifts surpassed ticket sales for Thunder Plains, ticket sales for a 2-day conference and its sponsors, combined. Techlahoma would not exist without a this community's generous donors. We are people-first and our revenue shows that.  


Donations by $

Donations by #

Who donated to techlahoma?

Techlahoma received donations from 87 individual donors, 15 small businesses and 1 corporation.  

87 individuals gave a total of $34,952. 15 small businesses (with <5 employees) gave a total of $6,376. 1 corporation gave $1,000.

On average, regular folks donated $401.75, small businesses donated $425.07, and a corporation donated $1,000.


Thunder Plains Revenue by $

Thunder Plains Revenue by #


225 ticket holders spent a total of $25,475.00. 7 corporations gave $11,7000. 1 small business gave $600.