The Techlahoma Space Program is a one-time opportunity to contribute to the Techlahoma Space Program capital campaign. This campaign is targeted to support Oklahoma City user groups, technologists, developers, entrepreneurs and the community.

You or your company will ensure a vibrant OKC tech community a dedicated home. As anchor tenants of the Starspace46 coworking facility, Techlahoma will be able to provide workshops, hackathons, game jams, startup weekends, and community events. To fulfill our statewide mission in Oklahoma City, Techlahoma is working with Starspace46 to fashion the event space into something that can provide a base of operations and physical space for our community. With your support, we will be able to purchase Audio/Video equipment to provide streaming and archiving capabilities to connect Oklahomans, furniture to provide adequate seating and presenting capabilities, and other tools necessary to guarantee the event space is a first class experience for Oklahomans. 



About Techlahoma's Space Program Capital Campaign

StarSpace46 is just a ship with many different community groups serving as its crew. It would not be anything without its community crew members like Techlahoma. Techlahoma is a 501c3 organization and any donations made to our capital campaign are fully tax deductible.

Ways you can donate to Techlahoma's Space Program Capital Campaign include:

Naming Rights Sponsorship

  • Coworking / Flex Space: $30,000 (One Opportunity)
    Home to over 100 daily/monthly technologists, entrepreneurs, and center of innovation
  • Conference Rooms: $10,000 (Two Opportunities)
    These are the meeting rooms where Oklahoma's next great startups will be born

Plank Society Sponsorship - $1,000 (Unlimited Opportunities)

  • Any capital campaign donations that meet a minimum of $1,000 will allow the donor to become a "Plank Owner."
  • Any amount can be donated below or above $1,000. Techlahoma Space Program Plank Owners will have their names affixed to a Plank Owner's recognition wall in the Coworking / Flex Space area.
  • Plank sponsorships at $3,000$5,000 and $7,000 will provide bigger recognition and status.
  • Plank Owners will receive special "swag" items and special guest access to all StarSpace46 events.

If you would like to donate by check, please print this form and mail the payment to Techlahoma.  It is Techlahoma's goal to raise capital donations by July 22, 2016.

If you would like to donate online, please submit your pledge to Techlahoma's online donation site by clicking on the "Donate to Techlahoma" button below.  Be sure to have "Space Program" filled out in the "In Your Thoughts" section of the online donation form and we will process accordingly.